Los' Rebels

This post is dedicated to those guys who don't let me feel that i'm an only child,who have
been more than brothers to me and who have truly changed my life.
Enough of the introductions,here's unleashing Los' Rebels for you:

Alawa:Simple guy next door.First impression on me was just that.My department mate,he came close to us through Alokee.Discover Alawa through hindi songs..the guy has a fan-fuck-tastic database.Truly carries a lot of expectations on his shoulders,and this has made Alawa grow up and mature more than he is willing to show,beneath the surface-flashes of that are seen occasionally.Senti n proper guy,his love life refelects his
traits.Proper,filmy and cute.

Alokee:The guy no one can have problems with.The con side is that he himself has a lot of problems with himself.Definition of friendliness,Alokee is the person who is never gonna refuse a friend for anything.This however,as will most of others agree,lands him in sticky
situations.Sex-obsessed,Bhagwan ki statues ko salaam karne vala,that's alokee for you.

Ashwani:If Alokee was friendliness personified.Ashwani is "kaminapan" personified.Thats how we pull his leg though.Peek inside the dude n you will find a down-to-earth,caring and intelligent dude.So down to earth that he farts loudly in front of all friends without a care in the world,and the subsequent relaxation shows.Ashwani has seen phases in friendships here at IITK,he was probably my first friend on campus,then drifted off ,had lots of acquaintances,but finally came back home over vodka pegs, and we are proud of this miserly slyster.Another aero dude.

Beti:This guy is an enigma.Trust me on that one.Daredevil-no doubt,Intello-koi shak nahi,but morals-umm..what's that like?Beti has got no limits(at least not in the life we are living at IITK).He has successfully found a new reason not to study every single semester-the latest being his newly-hatched cuddly love life.The entertainer of Los'Rebels,he is sorely missed when he runs back to Gwalior (heard of that place na? :P)
Personally,the best thing i like about him is his totally undiplomatic nature when with
buddies.The guy doesn't believe in hiding stuff,n his life is truly a roller-coaster ride!

Chuniya:Apologies to chuniya.I'm going public here about him-a thing he hates.Shy,silent n image-conscious when with outsiders,chuniya is difficult to discover and notice-if it weren't for his hunky looks.So much so that we actually feel proud that we "know" chuniya inside-out for a fact.And boy-oh-boy,once you get to know him you feel sort of blessed.This guy can go to any limits to help out his friends.Voracious smoker,obsessed with chicks and no barrings once he considers you his friends.Unique in his own way-an integral member of Los' Rebels.

Gankit:Ok,so here we have, a guy i can say i know inside-out.My ex-roomie(the only good act the IITK governance ever did),this is a guy i can relate to,n pour my heart out,with the trust that he is intelligent enough to understand and react to it the way i need.We jokingly call him the "maa" of our group-he cares enough to actually irritate you.One of
the few rational souls of our gang,Mr.Ankit Gupta likes-n loves-to spend quality time n money with friends.Trust me-the guy just rolled up a 5000 bucks treat at Landmark for us.Case in point here-the two most fashion-obsessed guys in our gang are Beti n Ankit,and in stark contrast.While Beti goes for flashy goodies,Ankit likes simplicity better.Probably this sums up their different takes on life-and the diversity of our gang. Truly,Madly n Deeply in love, yet with a different attitude-that,like Alawa,symbolises up how life goes for our Ankit!

Last,but i hope not the least,there is me.But I can't really do a cameo on me now,can I?This space remains reserved for the people who know me best-my(as Iron Maiden puts it) blood brothers!Comments are solicited folks.

And since its friends we are talking about,let me take this opportunity to dish out the names of some of the other best buddies-they are not "officially" in the gang,but are definately no less-be it in importance or trying out kick-ass-stuff.Prashant,Sudip,Hooda,Utkarsh,Farooq,Pratik,Nagwani,Sai,Pandey,Kali,Sutta..in the
campus and Ujjwal,Amber,Rishi,Vishal,Ravi outside.Life rocks when they are around.

I am so gonna miss you guys after here.But then,being a part of this bond,the things we
have done,the limits we have stretched- is something I will be proud to tell my grandchildren.

*********************Dedicated to my friends-to LOS' REBELS!*******************

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ankit said...

Well Abhi u knw wat....here me sitting over here in a dark room goin thru ur blog,feel a lot pride inside me.Well I dont wat d real reason may b!!!But fr d point its so bcoz,m gettin emotional inside me thinkin of you,me n Alokeey at 228!!!
Yeah buddy our real journey in iitk started at dat very point(seriusly missing Alokee a lot rite nw).There we stood 3 happily havin a gr88 tyms of our life amongst 3 of us).Dudeee nw cn u imagine how far have we reached!!Now we stand stiff and bright infront of d world....coz dis SEVEN is a LOS' REBELS!!Right nw m gettin d feeling of a man who starts his buisness frm a small shop n today he owns an entire firm.
Watever our destiny may be,we still stand together and united,n d one thing that wud never do us apart is "LOS' REBELS".
You All Are Really Special To Me!!

Abhishek Pathak said...

228 that night...really man..that's infact when it all started.Alokee has got to read this!
And dont worry about the goosebumps.I have pretty much seen the emotional side of you.As i said,Roomies for life!heheh...

prav said...
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prav said...
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Dark Sarcasm. Haha said...

Ok. We not talking about ages? :O
This is so unjust man!!!!

Ashwani. Intelligent. :O
I guess I'm rolling on the floor and laughing. And this act of mine continues till death! :D

As Far I remember Alawa - is that guy -- egg faced personality with a topa and two balls down beneath. Isn't he?

Anyways, the asshole included my name. I guess I'll say cheers!!!!

And Yeah. One Last question. Whooooz your Grandpa?

No Offense to whomsoever it concerns. Ok? :D

And Yeah Whoooz your Daddy? 8)

amber said...

hmm dude after reading srizly i wana say thanx 2 u 4 including ma name in ur best ones nd also wana say dat d 'los rebels' has given me a lotz... nd d guys in group r d ones wid whom i had shared sum very wonderful memories which i'll cherish 4 ma lyf tym specially wid beti alokee nd ma pati also includin 'los rebelians'ki so called maa.. nd daddu u r d one 4 which i am really thankful 2 god dat dis wonderful person is ma g8 frd...(dats 4 u pathak bhai...)
u all guyz rock.......
cheers 4 'los rebels'.......

samson said...
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ash said...

overwhelmed..nothing else is coming in my mind right now..these guys are my fuckin best friends ..these are the people due to which I am survivng here..I still remember my first meeting with each and every guy ..their first impression and what they are today I will summarize it too but someday later.
I can never forget that vodka shots at Kanha which brought all of us so close that this life seems to be impossible without them.we have walked together through thick and thin be it road accidents,fucking up endsems together ,winning 1st prize in some fucking aeromodelling course,riding bikes for some odd 1200 kms or stalking hot chicks (or even non males ) together life has been like a roller coaster.You guys are just awesome…
Mai aksar sochta tha log blog likhte hue itn senti kyun ho jaate hai..now I have realised the real reason…
So before emotions stop me I ll do it by myself.
At the end GrandPa rocks… Los rebels rock
Sorry for the strike dude…sorry dadu…[:P]

Abhishek Pathak said...

@prav : you did it man.i love you too (in twisted,dark ways unlike you..haha).thanks though.

@Dark Sarcasm a.k.a Farooq : you are one blue-blooded kick-ass moron,aren't you?Agree on that Ashwani thing though,hands trembled,lightening flashed while I typed that.

@Amber:I had to include your name bro.That was a no-option.No thanks for that,we will even it out over Vodka ;)

@Ashwani:Fuckin' aeromodelling course..haha.N Grandpa..wtf!!!
Vaise senti ho gaya na tu bhi?This is true bro,if ever we will look back at the things we have done..there are some truly God-awesome moments.
Would like to pull down a couple from Adams' Summer of '69 here:they are apt.
"Man we were killin' time..
We were young and restless,
We needed to unwind.."
and pang!here comes the last line-
"I guess nothin' can last forever - forever, no!"

Will leave you with that,more senti than ever... :)

Anonymous said...

admirable work by our own dadu... a completly awesome work.. the way he described each n every person in our group is simply remarkable. the starting lines were the most touching, i dont know how many people r fortunate 2 hv friends like dadu(:P).. .

Anonymous said...

baaki ke comment kal...:)

im not filmy(alawa) said...

i was watching notting hill nd pathak just pinged me on gtalk nd gave me this link of his blog...nd within just 15 min. anotting hill scence gone away from my mind nd now only i can say riht now pathak u rocked.i cant find any single moment without LOS' REBELS for which i can say hey look these are better time than time spend wid LOs' rebels... in IIT after 2 most dangerous year of my life i was in full of depression then i met these guys nd after that aj tak kabhi salo ne rone ka mouka hi nahi diya.I feel so proud nd luky to have u guys...after read this blog u can easily know abt pathak that he knows us more than anyone nd wat else u expect wid a true friend..a little bit lazy,emotional,thinker(blog se hi pata chal raha hai),intelligent.upar walo ne waisai hi kafi likh diya hai..:D nd one thing abt LOS' REBELS is that its not any group or any clg freak friend circle...it worth more than that for everyone us...its like a family..
pathak-grandpa...teaches everyone us how to live a good life..par khud kabhi nahi sudhrega
gankit-MAA....caring,account secy,kabhi tension nahi lene deta
chuniya-daddy...how to react in pepole only daddy can tell u
beti nd alokee-my two little cute sis...always there for ny kind of help,hamesha hasaate hai saale
rondu-sexy bro...chhote bhai ki tarah bahut rota hai..par har kam k iye enthu me..

all of u r really special to me!!!

cheer's for LOS'REBELS

RISHI said...

at first whn he gave me the link i tht it wd b lyk ny othr post....bt the blog was simply amazing....being truthful..first thing i wanted 2 see was....my name here...i dnt kno hw it felt...bt certainly it made me really happy...
i went back to the days we spent together..mangalam..famous five..book fair..ujjwal.."ravi"..dusshera...n all the craziest stuffs we cd never imagine..life ws gud..
i can go writing...n it wd never end..bt sme things 4 sure...ur surely ne of d bst friends i have......
great stuff.....keep rockin!..n thanks

alok said...

the du done a great job, seriously awesome.pathak one of my closest friend.i think first time i say no to beti only for to read this blog nd written this comment.pathak is the guy who knows very well each and every person of Los rebels.and i proud to say that i m one of them. when i m in iitk i m feeling lucky but after meeting these nice guys i m feeling very very lucky. because los rebel is the live example of true friendship.i m sharing each and every moment of my life with these guys.we r doing fun together, aur roye bhi toh saath.as alawa says that our group is like a family and we r the members of this family. after my parents if i m feeling very lucky that is los rebels.these guys seriously awesome when u with these guys u dont hav the time to think abut bad time of ur life.los rebels rocks man. keep rockin buddy

prav said...
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