Unbecoming Engineers

was browsing through JAM ,and found this article..really interesting read..the author is an IITian(product of IITD),and this article is something the entire (well,as the author himself points out,almost entire) student fraterntity,especially those persuing their studies at the "prestigious" IITs can relate to quite easily.the approach is refreshingly non-prejudiced("is it sufficient that a lot of people think we are doing something good? I don't really know. I would have pondered more and worried myself to death over the future of my beloved country. But the fatigue of my suddenly over-exercised mind now threatens to drown me and I know very soon I'm going to revert back to my utopian world of egocentricity" )...the column caught me off-guard..and kept it right there.
have a lot more to say..not now though.ciao my adrenaline,later!

what am i doing at this unearthly hour

not mugging,nor listening to music,neither is there any novel beside me..heheh..take a wild,wild guess and you might turn out to be right...ha ha!did i say i was unpredictable!

serious stuff again-deepshikha has got tons and loads of circuiting to be done-all the the batti work is awe-inspiring if not impossible...just get the feeling,there's a long day ahead tomorrow...

i'm back!

been out of blogger for a long time..feel ki baat hai bhai..heheh.am in a real chill mood rite now.pull my ears and u'll get a kiss back in return..that s how it goes.
got our mumbai tickets booked today..today is the day it has started feeling real.mumbai as a city has fascinated me since childhood.i remember cutting out an ICICI bank advertisement which
had the picture of marine drive in night and pasting it on my room's wall :D...i have always wanted to visit that city.god,am i excited!though personally the few frends who have been there have not given the best of reviews of mumbai as a holiday destination,yet somewhere i know i am gonna enjoy the experience to the hilt.

hall 5 !
Deepayan-even they could not pronounce it properly in the end.perhaps it was symbolic of how the event was-insipid.the musicals were drag,the dance decent,the structures almost comical and the skit unnecessecarily loud yet flat.missed the chorero-thankfully!the food was good ,and my heart went out to sudip and prashant when they explained how only a handful of guys had put all the show up-hall 5 is never gonna be the same again-all the aura of a third yearite hostel long gone,but things are only get better from now on..i mean,c'mon,it was their first show!dunno though how deepshikha's shaping out.dont like the feel of it-even though i know there are ramu and others toiling out at this unearthly hour,but we definitely expected a better participation from the Y7 junta-especially considering how we have got to live up to the hype created by last year's deepshikha.day after tomorrow will tell.


yahoo! i got my first preference in HSS-philosophy.really wanted to explore this course after the English literature course last year.I've found myself actually enjoying these art courses-more than the nerdy ones-strange as it seems-still.the course content was stimulating -metaphysics and a debate on atheism among others.the instructor seems a bit of an issue,and i was really torn between choosing this course and the logic course(that would have enhanced my computing knowledege as well and the content seemed quite intersting too)-still i hope it will be worth it.

And At Last..
endsems are on head-padhai shuru karne ka time aa hi gaya finally agar kuch bhi izzat bachani hai-varna is baar to 1-2 fakke pakke hi hain.still i find myself on the verge of another nightout with my gang(they are watching a movie as usual,and i am not interested and tinkering with my lappy as usual :D ).listening to Hotel California by Eagles-this song has me hooked for the time being.guess the movie is almost over,judging by the movements on the opposite side of the room-its almost 6.time for the MT to open-and time to end another night out with a sutta-ciao!