Unbecoming Engineers

was browsing through JAM ,and found this article..really interesting read..the author is an IITian(product of IITD),and this article is something the entire (well,as the author himself points out,almost entire) student fraterntity,especially those persuing their studies at the "prestigious" IITs can relate to quite easily.the approach is refreshingly non-prejudiced("is it sufficient that a lot of people think we are doing something good? I don't really know. I would have pondered more and worried myself to death over the future of my beloved country. But the fatigue of my suddenly over-exercised mind now threatens to drown me and I know very soon I'm going to revert back to my utopian world of egocentricity" )...the column caught me off-guard..and kept it right there.
have a lot more to say..not now though.ciao my adrenaline,later!

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