misty skies

love watching up at the misty skies
as the drops fall n soak me
feels like your embrace
and that i can be myself again

this one i found while browsing the net today:

The rain drops seem so pure
in a world largely fake
the ambience intoxicating
water seeping through clothes soaked the soul
but still the feeling of being lonely surmounted me,
gradually taking over my desires, dreams n rationality,
i wish i could get out of it ...
eyes were blurred, legs got heavier,
i heard screams "come back" and whispers "i'll come along",
yet couldn't gather enough courage to look back and beileve in u, again
i lingered on endlessly through the darkness hoping for an out stretched arm
holding my palm tightly with eyes reflecting a silent promise,
lets get drenched together in this rain n forever....

there were no tears...those were raindrops that ran down my face.

did you know they had a US coupling?

exempli gratia :-

some things are better left as the originals..be it most of the remixes that come bundled in with the popular songs in the same movie,or the UK Coupling!
btw,how come we never hear of the UK Friends or British Seinfield??
Of course,we Indians are gracious enough not to even acknowledge the original when we rip a show off it.i mean,why offend anyone,right?

p.s : the above post just goes to show a fellow can write about any and every single bit of nonsensical reflection that wanders to his mind when he has not slept for two days straight..hehe..adieu world..ah! my dear (bed),here i come!

sweet dreams folks(that do not involve scenes from the US coupling 'course)!