fed up of everything

the last two days have been nothing short of hell.... still survived..dont know how long can pull this through though...had faced this ordeal once beforehand...guess being a kid then helped..but unfortunately with the passing years while ive grown up physically the heart has refused to comply,stubbornly...its still fuckingly naive.n that doesnt help.
one gash was enough to test my spirits, god-i' wasnt ready as hell for another-whatever people say,or whatever i try to prove externally all the time-deep inside i know i'm not strong enough.havent been able to forget those nightmares i still get sometimes.
not gonna dive in that mess again-m not gonna get anyone get even remotely close to my vulnerable self.infact lets go on and live life king size dude-as my friends here say-its a fresh feeling of sorts-being all alone again..party hard,set your priorities,organise life..loads to do-but somehow the hitch stays-dont think i will be able to go on this time.
tell you what- i dont want to,either.

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