its a new world,its a new start...

really.was listening to this number from the god(he has chosen to take the name bryan adams when he sings)n somehow it still seemed fresh.wanna start fresh.wanna be more composed this here at IITK is hectic,to say the least.however,in one year ,this institute has taught me has made me more perserving and sometimes i feel more grown up.
the last year was memorable and equally forgettable -tried my hands on many things-landing successfully at most of the things,but failing miserably on the front which decides almost everything here @ IITK-academics.did i say that i have grown up a bit in the last year?well,the time to put it to test is here ;)
according to the "experienced" seniors here,the third sem is one of the most f*cked up semesters of the entire course-you get an abominable mix of departmentals and general subjects like maths-and you have to tolerate both .thanks however to my luck that i'm not in some holy sh*t like the EE people ,at least we aero heroes wont have to tolerate any loady labs this sem.this really gives people like me a chance to improve--and this is the only reason i have a smile playing on my lips as i type this.just 18 credits,and the time to act mature is now.
thinking of that,of course only a week has passed-and it would be too early to comment-but fortunately uptil now everything is going cool.and mind you,this is an achievement of sorts,esp for me.

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