A leap of faith

Life always has you looking for answers.There's this intrinsic impatience in us all- to get to know the answers to each of our doubts at once,to sort out life exactly the way we want it,to get to know and plan out how we want to spend it.In this race to the so called luxury of knowing everything firsthand,we never even notice how the present slips out right in front of us.Somewhere there is always this person who says,"Hey there!I'm living life as it comes.I do what seems right to me,and i have no regrets!"Wonderful words that have us wishfully thinking all our issues just melted away on the spur.so that we could also develop a likely attitude.I personally,have never been able to relate to that philosophy.There is just too much stuff going on in the mind,and even though being impulsive by nature,I always wanted to know the answers all at once.Recently this realization dawned though-a feeling of being more relaxed,more comfortable with your identity and,well,your life. I ,for one,had always been one of those impatient guys wanting to know the answers to all their problems,to analyse them to the hilt and demand how to tackle them-immediate solutions.Never did it strike me that to have no regrets,as the person around the corner claimed, meant that everything was hunky-dory,and that his life was sorted out by the almighty exactly as he wanted it to be.Nah!You then realise what that person was trying to tell you-that sometimes it is more important to let things be-they will be sorted out at their time-never earlier.Its one day when you stop the incessant hunting for all answers that you discover a newer picture that life tried to show you all along-appreciating the qualities of those close,and having faith in your ability.That day you realise that somehow enjoying the uncanniness of each passing moment is a great feeling in itself.And in the process you somehow naturally stumble upon a newer meaning of backing yourself up-a deeper and more silent confidence of knowing you always were able enough-no external words of motivation or scrutiny could possibly help you discover that.That day,life does seem sorted out.That day,you grow up.And a leap of faith does it all.

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Dhiresh said...

True ... We need have that leap of faith.
But where does that faith come from ?
That faith comes from the certainty of your actions. Even if the actions are taken intinctively, if taken rationally we immediately know that it was the right thing to do. That's what gives us that faith.

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