The high ride to Independence-and Freedom

It is true that cynicism does not help much,but is the single independence to rule our own roost worth celebrating at all when all around we see a society full of prejudices and chauvinism? Independence does not characterize India-we Indians do.If at all there is a more realistic concept of independence-its at the individual level.If at all the phenomenon called freedom exists,it exists at the personal level-and at the risk of being branded another worthless cynic,i think there are but a few of us who can assure their conscience of their objectiveness in opinions.There are but a few of us who are independent of their mindset,their nepotism,their chauvinism,even to some extent, in daily matters.The problem is essentially universal,and,even if i'm on a high,right now i strongly doubt the very worthiness of the word freedom.The concept might have various sensible implications,agreed,but right now the foundation seems to be a big utter void.I again affirm that this outburst has nothing to do with India-it is something which touches some straits of our persona across borders and against upbringing.And if this really is the case, is it not time we changed our perceptions,bit by bit?

How I would have loved to shread this post,bit by bit,no less...but would rather conclude as the great man himself did .Whether he shared my cynicism or not in the following lines is your take-

"...into that heaven of freedom,my Father,let my country awake..."


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Rahul Dash said...

I love the way you move from one thought-bit to another. Gives the narrative an excellent texture :)

And yes, thank you for visitng my site.

Maverick said...

Really well written buddy. I could get a chance to read it only just now. Keep up the good work!

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