not any more Mr.Thackrey !

Mr.Bal Thackrey,the leader of the Shiv Sena,vented his feelings once again for the maratha spirit.more of this shit here.

It is indeed pathetic and disgusting to hear such mindless nonsense from the people who are supposed to run the country on behalf of its masses. does Bal Thackrey have the power to hold his great maratha flag high if his state stops feeding on the funds and general development plan of the Indian Government?is Maharashtra so self-dependent?if not,what right does it have to be so self-obsessed?Maharashta,as it is,generates much more media hype than it truly deserves due to the hindi film industry and Mumbai being the financial is true that Bihar and UP are not so developed,but can Thackrey claim that his state's development is solely due to the native maharshtrians?or can Delhites claim that they developed their zone on their own?if yes,maybe they have the right to vent their dissatisfaction on the "spoiling" of their native soil.but as we all know,that is far from true.if the Biharis and UP "crass" people sweated it out to make mumbai and delhi the shining spectacles they are today(and probably they have more a contribution in this than the natives themselves),they have every right to settle there and enjoy the fruits of their labour.Developed centres are the way the modern world operates.Sovereignity is the founding pillar on which a certain country called India is based on,which,if Thackrey and a bunchful of"elite" Mumbaikars and Delhiites realise,gives Maharashtra,Delhi and Mumbai its identity.and wait,has someone read about a certain time some thousand years back when Patliputra,out there in the east, used to be the centre of all trade,learning and aristocracy?didnt people from all over the country used to flock over there then?hell,even foreigners paid regular visits.Tell me Mr.Thackrey,is it any different for Mumbai today than it was for Magadh at that time in those socio-political conditions?Or better to leave it,it is too much to ask of your mental maturity.all this started with Modi giving slogans of "Mera Gujarat" and other stuff.What bigger shame if the sons of this very country start giving wind to such blatant nonsense and not even realise their crassness! Regionalism can be used as a two-edged sword-it can be used to instigate one's passion for development,or it can used to spread kiddish fist-fights like these.The second ,if it continues this way undeterred,will lead us to a situation with the Chinese,Pakistanis and other competitors having the last laugh.The people need to be more aware of such people before repeatedly electing them as their representatives.It is indeed a shame.

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